Rapid Pressure Rise Relays

  • QUALITROL 900/910 Rapid pressure rise relays

    QUALITROL 900/910 Rapid pressure rise relays

    Protection and detection of dangerous sudden pressure changes

    Patented mechanical device for detection of sudden pressure events based on the rate of pressure rise and safe limits established by transformer manufacturers. When a dangerous pressure rise has been detected, the QUALITROL rapid pressure rise relay (RPRR) will change state. This can be used as an alarm or trip signal to minimize the potential of transformer tank damage. more »

  • QUALITROL 930 Electronic pressure monitors

    QUALITROL 930 Electronic pressure monitors

    Detection and protection of dangerous pressure conditions

    Multi-function, electronic pressure monitor with adjustable pressure sensitive sensors that provide rapid pressure rise detection combined with seal-in relay functionality and static pressure monitoring and control. Features continuous outputs for integration with SCADA systems and remote monitoring. Optional multi-sensor models provide logic based operation to eliminate nuisance trip alarm potential. more »

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