Meet the TM8- F Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Qualitrol Serveron TM8F dissolved gas analyzer dga monitor

Introducing the Latest On-line Multi Gas Monitor

A new, next generation on-line DGA monitor from Serveron. Drawing on Serveron 17 years’ experience in on-line DGA,  this system is based on a combination of oil immersed Oxygen and Hydrogen Sensors and a custom build Photo Acoustic Spectrometer (PAS), designed specifically for the DGA application. With similar performance specifications to the TM8, the TM8-F has been designed to meet the needs of customers who want GC style performance, but prefer not to handle consumable gases.

Key Benefits of TM8-F

  • Prevent failures by more effective monitoring of transformers
  • Enable powerful operations and maintenance decision making, driven by on-line data
  • ‘Rapid Response Technique’ allows for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) based fault detection in 30 minutes
  • Extend transformer life and so defer capital expenditure


  • Ability to perform GC standard measurements without the need for consumables
  • Captures a Hydrogen measurement every 30 mins and can alarm or accelerate full DGA on basis of this key gas
  • Employs a technique to clean interfering compounds out of the gas samples prior to analysis; no false alarms from oil contaminants such as propane, butane or SF6
  • User installable and commissionable
  • No external fans and an IP66 enclosure
  • No routine recalibration required
  • Field based verification procedure allows for continued confidence in measurement integrity
  • Under 40Kg
  • Cost of ownership lowest in the market as user installable, commissionable and serviceable