New Data Analysis and Professional Services Offering for Electrical Grid Sector

condition based maintenance

Qualitrol is pleased to announce the introduction of our Xpert Services program providing in-depth data analysis within the electrical grid. This program expands on the existing field service offering from Qualitrol and provides data analysis and training, as well as specialty testing, and failure investigation.

Insight into the health of the grid or individual assets can be determined by continuous on-line monitoring or condition based maintenance. However, failures can still occur. Benefits of Xpert Services include providing insight into the appropriate monitoring solution, aiding in data diagnosis, health assessments, and providing training leading to a deeper understanding of the underlying technical issues and operational alternatives.

“Qualitrol technical support goes beyond its product and service offering for all your Condition Monitoring needs. Our team of subject-matter experts can assist in evaluating the specific problems with your assets, provide training on best practices and latest international standards in monitoring and assessment, and support your technical decision-making process to enhance reliability.” – Joseph Mbuyi, General Manager Qualitrol Services.

Data is useless without the skills to analyze it properly. As the demand grows on the grid, it’s even more important to make sound business decisions that are data driven. Qualitrol’s Xpert Services are there for you now and as you expand your CBM program to help provide clear cost savings, asset reliability and optimized maintenance schedules.

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