The Qualitrol Podcast is a behind the scenes look into the inner workings of Qualitrol products, new trends in the power grid industry, and Qualitrol as a whole. With a wide range of experts providing different insight, the Qualitrol podcast is a great way to learn new information and stay up to date on the latest happenings.

If you’re looking for a more accelerated learning process, Qualitrol offers a variety of Field Services and Training that includes factory tours, product training and more. Courses are available both virtually and in-person with fully equipped facilities.

Power grid monitoring solutions on the go

Whether you are a maintenance engineer for a substation, an asset or grid reliability director or a plant manager at a generation site – the Qualitrol podcast is for you. Episodes are led by experts in their fields surrounding transformer monitoring, motor and generator maintenance and much more!

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Episode 01

Transformer Sudden Pressure and Why It’s Important to Monitor

In Episode 1, Qualitrol discusses what is sudden pressure in a transformer and why it is important to monitor on transformers. Within the transformer market, the terms ‘sudden pressure’ and ‘rapid pressure’ are used synonymous. In addition, we cover the features and benefits of using This rapid pressure rise relay ...

Episode 02

How to Remove Moisture in Transformers

In Episode 2, Qualitrol goes in-depth on the in’s and out’s on how to remove moisture in transformers. We discuss what is a transformer smart breather and what is the difference between a traditional transformer breather and a smart breather. Lastly, our expert discusses the universal dehydrating breather Qualitrol Smart ... Breather (featured in T&D World) and how you can reduce transformer maintenance costs with regenerating silica gel.

Episode 03

Retrofitting Transformer Liquid Level Gauges

In Episode 3, Qualitrol discusses how to retrofit liquid level gauges onto an existing transformer. We also cover what you need to order and install liquid level gauges on your transformer. Hear directly from our Application Engineers as they discuss emergency transformer liquid level gauges and how they can help when you least expect it ...

Episode 04

Upgrade Your Old Transformer Monitor to an Intelligent Transformer Monitor

In Episode 4, Qualitrol discusses the retrofit process for replacing an old, outdated transformer monitor with an easy to install, intelligent transformer monitor like the Qualitrol 509 ITM. Adding a transformer monitor in your substation ...