IDM Digital Fault Recorder


Digital fault recorder and dynamic monitoring system with multi-functional capabilities all contained in one device including Digital Fault Recorder, Dynamic System Monitor, Power Quality Monitor, Phasor Measurement Unit, Fault Locator, Circuit Breaker Monitor, and Sequence of Events Display.


  • Meets or exceeds all power monitoring requirements
  • Expandable architecture and adaptable acquisition for wide ranging customer needs
  • Cost effective, quick and easy upgrade for legacy versions to most up to date platform
  • Master station software works with all legacy devices
  • Local storage unit (LSU) for mass storage of data
  • Optimized monitoring and recording


  • Synchronized phasor measurement
  • Power quality (harmonics recording, sags and swells, flicker recording and power quality data logging)
  • Portable options

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Used primarily in power transmission and large distributions as a digital fault recorder, disturbance system monitor, continuous fault recorder, synchrophasor measurement unit, impedance fault locator and a power quality monitor.