Qualitrol CAB-699 Fiber Optic Temperature Probe


Robust, oil-permeable Neoptix T2™ temperature probes for highly accurate measurement of power transformer temperatures. Installed within standard spacer or directly onto any other location inside transformer windings to directly measure ‘hot spot’ temperature.


  • Direct measurement inside transformer yields highly temperature readings reducing risk of failure or unnecessary reduction in transformer life
  • Over 35,000 installed worldwide
  • All materials are chemically and dielectrically resistant
  • ST type connectors resist failure due to vibration
  • Galium arsenide (GaAs) measurement principle
  • Unique, patent-pending longitudinal slit enables uniform contact with transformer oil over entire probe length

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For use inside oil-filled or dry-type electrical transformers. Compatible with QUALITROL® intelligent transformers monitors with direct winding.
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