Iris Power FluxTracII-R 4208

Continuous online Rotor Magnetic Flux Monitor

The FluxTracII-R 4208 provides the users with instant analysis of all slots in a round rotor winding usually at a fixed operating load. It monitors up to 4 machines that help to collect and analyze flux data in real time.

Turbine Generator
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  • Accepts signals from Iris Power TFProbe™, Iris Power FFProbe™, as well as other wedge mounted flux probes
  • Inputs for shaft sync sensor (Keyphasor) for slot determination when shorts are detected
  • Monitors up to four machines (option)
  • Provides relay contact to alert user of shorts
  • Compatible with Iris Power RFAII-RTM portable instrument
  • Storage for base line, latest set of non-alerted measurements and the latest set of alerted measurements
  • 10 load points with history of 26 measurements each
  • Multiple communication ports: USB, Ethernet
  • Measurements can be downloaded, locally or remotely, to a computer with RotorFluxProTM software
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol available for built-in server and client capability, for data interchange with third party software
  • User-friendly WindowsTM-based software for data display
  • Analysis software capable of reading and analyzing data files from other manufacturers’ portable instruments.

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  • Instant analysis of all slots in a round rotor winding usually at a fixed operating load.
  • Where needed, ability to analyze tests and trend at different loads for a more certain prediction of rotor winding condition.
  • Able to perform a spot measurement, or automatically acquire results over days during normal generator load changes, without test operator intervention.
  • Works with conventional wedge-mounted flux probe, Iris Power FFProbe or the Iris stator tooth-mounted Iris Power TFProbe, which can often be retrofitted with the rotor inplace.