IrisPower FluxTracII-S 4208

Continuous online Rotor Magnetic Flux Monitor

The FluxTracII-S 4208 is continuous monitor to collect and analyze flux data from any flux probe in real time, providing the user with data on rotor winding shorted turns.

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  • Accepts Total Flux probes (TFProbe) and other flux probes
  • Inputs for shaft sync sensor (Keyphasor) for pole determination when shorts are detected
  • Monitors up to four machines (option)
  • Monitors 4 to 128 poles per machine
  • Provides relay contact to alert user
  • Data compatible with RFAII-S portable instrument
  • Storage for baseline, latest set of non-alerted measurements and the latest set of alerted measurements
  • Multiple communication ports: USB, Ethernet
  • Measurements can be locally or remotely downloaded to a computer with RotorFluxProTM software
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol available for built-in server and client capability, for data interchange with third party systems

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Flux monitoring relies on measurements of the local magnetic field emanated from each rotor pole. Factors affecting the magnetic field from each pole

  • Air-gap size change
  • Rotor out-of-round or off-centre
  • Loose pole – key migration
  • Stator migration
  • Natural variations of pole’s physical position
  • Shorted turns on a pole