Iris Power HydroTracII

Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitoring

The HydroTracII System provides continuous partial discharge measurement in turbine generators using Iris Power Epoxy Mica Capacitor Couplers

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  • Sophisticated monitoring and analysis system prevents false indications by digitally separating partial discharges from electrical noise, on a pulseby-pulse basis.
  • Proven filtering and pattern recognition enhances noise separation, allowing for a reliable and objective detection of stator winding problems such as  poor impregnation, overheated windings, coil movement in the slot, ineffective or deteriorating grading/semiconductive material problems, and  contamination.
  • The system’s compatibility with the PDA technology allows users with existing sensor installations to commission the system without an additional outage.
  • Ensures a consistent testing interval, thereby improving the quality of the trends. The alarm features permit maintenance personnel to focus
    on machines that exhibit unusual or high levels of partial discharge activity. This is attained by increasing testing frequency and using 24-window phase-resolved PD plots that help to identify the prevailing failure mechanism of stator winding insulation. Important operating conditions such as humidity, stator winding temperature, stator voltage, real and reactive power can be recorded and stored with the archived PD data. These parameters are useful for in-depth analysis and trending of the partial discharge activity.
  • The Alert testing range ensures minimal intervention by maintenance personnel. In response to a PD alert, users can review the pulse height analysis plots, and the 24-window phase resolved PD plots using basic interpretation to confirm the cause of the alert.
  • Alert Output is a dedicated relay fitted within the monitor enclosure that can activate a remote indicator of high PD alert conditions. The alert conditions are configurable through the operating software. The alert output may be connected to a plant monitoring system.
  • Modbus over Ethernet protocol included for interfacing to third party applications to obtain machine operating state and provide summary PD data


  • Remote inputs with up to 8 analog points proportional to operating conditions such as stator winding temperature, voltage, current, or power. These  conditions are recorded for trending and analysis.
  • Remote outputs with 6 analog outputs proportional to the level of PD activity (+Qm and –Qm) of the machine couplers. This is applicable in situations where the user is interested in having the real-time PD activity from their machine acquired by their DCS or control system.

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Iris Power HydroTracII monitor provides maintenance professionals with the opportunity to:

  • Automate the measurement (on site or remotely)
  • Integrate the key trending parameters within the plant SCADA
  • Trigger a remote alarm indicating the need for a more detailed review of the collected data
  • Maximize collection of PD activity
  • Maximize warning of pending problems
  • Create a smoother trend curve
  • Lower testing cost.