Iris Power SMTracII

Continuous Online Shaft Voltage and Current Monitoring

The SMTracII System provides  continuous shaft voltage and current measurement using voltage brushes and the shaft grounding brush.

Hydro Generator
Turbine Generator
Works with These Assets
  • Accepts currents from existing grounding brushes using two different shunt values.
  • Continuously monitors up to 4 inputs (two voltage and two current).
  • Provides relay contact to alert user of high level current and voltage
  • Up to 2 years of storage for archiving voltage and current data and trending at user selectable intervals.
  • Multiple communication ports: USB, Ethernet.
  • Measurements can be downloaded, locally or remotely, to a computer with Iris Power Application Manager™ software.
  • Modbus over TCP/IP protocol available for built-in server and client capability, for collecting machine operating data and to provide measurement  summary values to third party software.
  • User-friendly Windows™ based software for data display and analysis.