Iris Power EVAII Sensor Kit Hydrogen-cooled

Stator End-Winding Vibration Sensor - Permanently installed for Hydrogen-Cooled Machines

End-winding accelerometers for hydrogen- cooled generators based on fibre optic technology that can be used with the Iris Power EVTracII, the GuardII monitoring systems


  • Single or dual axis sensing directions
  • Single optical fiber for each sensing axis
  • Flexible optical cables
  • Dual axis sensor has low cross sensitivity increasing accuracy
  • Safe in high voltage and high magnetic fields
  • EVAII maximum continuous operation to 200C
  • Low sensitivity to cable vibration
  • Accelerometer reliability extensively evaluated using accelerated life testing at high temperature and high vibration levels
  • Electro-Optical Drivers (EOD) are not part of the feedthrough and are not mounted on the generator frame, ensuring a longer life and easier maintenance
  • Optical Fiber from sensor to Electro- Optical Driver ensuring no RF interference
  • Electro-Optical Driver test point enables calibration with fine adjust buttons
  • Any EVAII sensor can be paired with any EOD
  • Calibrated using Back-to-Back comparison per ISO 16063-21
  • Standard 100 mV/g electrical output compatible with any standard vibration monitoring instrument
  • Multichannel feedthrough consists of 8 or 14 fiber connectors on each side of the penetration
  • Embedded in a cured resin providing a unique self reinforcing seal
  • Frame hole diameter required is 25.4 mm (1”)
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested to 400 psi (2800 kPa)


  • 6 single axis sensors
  • 7 single axis sensors (6 for the endwinding, one for the stator core)
  • 13 single axis sensors (12 for the endwinding, one for the stator core)
  • 6 dual axis sensors
  • 6 dual axis sensors for the endwinding, plus one single axis sensor for the stator core
  • 12 dual axis sensors for endwinding, plus one single axis sensor for the stator core
  • EVA installation material included with all sensor kits