Iris Power EVTracII

Continuous Online Stator End-winding Vibration Monitoring

The EVTracII technology provides continuous online stator endwinding vibration monitoring. Stator endwinding vibration is becoming an increasingly common cause of deterioration and failure in both generators and large speed motors. Machines that are most at risk are those are those with mechanical resonances near twice the power supply frequency and/or at the rotor rotational frequency. Iris Power supplies sensors and monitoring systems which directly measure the level and trend in vibration from the stator endwindings. The key feature is that the accelerometers are of the fiber optic type, and thus are impervious to the high magnetic and electric fields in the stator endwinding.

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  • Accepts signals from Iris Power EVA or any third party 100mV/g accelerometer.
  •  Monitors up to 12 single axis (EVA-S) or dual axis (EVA-D) sensors.
  •  One input available for a core vibration EVA-S which is used to gauge the effect of core/frame vibration on the endwinding.
  •  Provides relay contact to alert user of high vibration levels.
  •  Up to 2 years of storage for archiving daily vibration data and trending at user selectable intervals.
  •  Multiple communication ports: USB, Ethernet.
  •  Measurements can be downloaded, locally or remotely, to a computer with Iris Power Application Manager™ software.
  •  Optional Modbus over TCP/IP protocol available for built-in server and client capability, for collecting operating data relevant to the vibration signals and to provide displacement to third party software.
  •  User-friendly Windows™ based software for data display and analysis.


  • Analysis of up to 12 dual axis endwinding and 1 single axis core sensor including high vibration alarms.
  •  Analyze tests and trend at different operating conditions for a more certain prediction of stator endwinding vibration conditions.
  •  Perform a spot measurement, or automatically acquire results over months and years during normal generator load changes, without user intervention.
  •  Combine endwinding vibration monitoring with Iris Power on-line partial discharge testing to provide a complete diagnostic for stator winding condition monitoring.
  •  Vibration vs frequency spectrum, vibration vs time waveform, overall vibration trend, specific frequency trend, operating parameter trend, historical statistics display.