A DGA That Does More

It’s no secret that Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is one of the most powerful tools to monitor and assess pending or incipient faults within transformers. It’s been a universal practice for decades.

Since its introduction in the 1960s, scientists have been refining not only the accuracy of these analyses but their timeliness as well. This process has become increasingly important with a power-hungry world placing higher loads on aging transformers, causing faults to develop faster and more frequently, which can lead to catastrophic failure.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the latest DGA monitors—such as the TM8 On-line Gas Chromatography DGA Monitor from Serveron®—are providing comprehensive laboratory technology on site, particularly at critical GSU and major transmission transformers but also in industrial or renewable applications. Delivering unparalleled precision and repeatability, these leading 8-gas on-line DGA monitors not only analyze the key fault gases which have been defined by both IEEE and IEC, but provide a host of other benefits that can help you quickly and accurately collect and diagnose DGA data:

  • A full analytic toolkit. Multiple IEEE and IEC diagnostic tools such as Rogers Ratios, Duval Triangles 1, 4 and 5, and the Duval Pentagon provide advanced diagnostics and cross-analysis of data to create unprecedented insight into the nature and identification of developing faults—all in a single interface in the form of Serveron TM VIEW
  • Steady, reliable monitoring. Laboratory-quality DGA results are generated every four hours and up to once per hour under active fault conditions. What’s more, approximately two years of data is stored on site via flash memory, should the need of past data analysis arise.
  • Convenient, centralized workflow. Accurate data delivered quickly lets you respond to potential issues faster. With the TM8, DGA data can be automatically downloaded to a central database, giving critical staff immediate access to current conditions. Interfaces such as PSTN modem, cellular modem and Fiber or copper Ethernet provide even more flexibility to ensure the right data is delivered to the right people when it’s needed most.
  • Analysis of more than just gases. Gases are only part of the equation. Tracking capabilities such as moisture-in-oil, oil temperature, and ambient temperature to transformer load, enables asset managers to relate gassing to external events. Plus, analysis features of the TM8’s SmartSUB software platform lets you combine data from other transformer condition-based monitoring devices, such as tank pressure, cooling bank current, winding current and temperature, bushing monitor, partial discharge and others to create a comprehensive, actionable DGA report.

If you’re ready to take a closer look at today’s DGA monitoring possibilities, you can find out more here. Or simply contact your Qualitrol rep today.