Nervous About NERC? 2 Kits Make RPRR Testing Easy

Every six years — that’s not often for a checkup. Yet that’s the frequency the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) says you need check Rapid Pressure Response Relays (RPRRs) to be sure they can handle sudden (or rapid) pressure rises from a transformer. Six years is a long time — makes it tempting to forget altogether, except when you realize that a rapid pressure rise can cause catastrophic transformer damage.

Wouldn’t you feel more confident conducting RPRR testing annually if not more? Especially when it’s so easy to do with our rugged, truck-friendly testing kits. 

The Mechanical Standard

For more than 20 years, Qualitrol has offered handy kit for mobile testing of mechanical RPRRs. There are literally thousands of them in trucks across the country and around the globe. The KIT-013-1 comes in a portable, hard-case about the size of a cordless drill box. Its all-in-one design provides everything a tech needs to check the functionality of the mechanical RPRR 900/910 units. No finding multiple tools or fumbling with instruction sheets in the field. Just pop open the kit and test on site. Here’s why it’s so popular:

  • Relay unit can be tested while installed on the transformer. Simply disable the alarm trip first.
  • Everything you need to test the units is in one field test kit…and instructions are printed right on the case
  • It’s an excellent portable diagnostic tool to keep on the truck with other important tools.
  • Takes just a few minutes to be sure your Relay is working properly and ready to protect your assets.

Get the kit that’s been keeping Rapid Pressure Rise Relays safe and reliable for two decades.


The Electronic Advantage

Due to the fast-growing popularity of our electronic RPRRs, specifically the 930 series, the need for a similar testing kit became clear. So we created the KIT-930-1. Same rugged, all-in-one portable design. Same easy-to-use testing procedures with instructions right on the case. Of course, because 930 relays are multi-function units, the tester is as well. Here are the highlights.

  • You can test a single unit or two out of three logic models
  • You can run tests based on four key parameters:
  1.  Dry Contact
  2.  Fast Pressure Rise
  3.  Pressure Transducer
  4.  Slow Pressure Rise
  • Everything you need is included – timer, gauges, pressure pumps, LED lights, hoses and connectors.


New electronic RPRR test kit lets your check multifunction relays in the field.


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