Application of UHF PD Detection for Dead Tank Breakers (DTB)

Application of UHF PD detection for dead tank circuit breakers case study

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) partial discharge measurements are common practice for Gas Insulated Switchgear for high voltage site testing after erection and for partial discharge continuous monitoring for more than 20 years.

The UHF technique has proven its efficiency in detecting partial discharge in GIS and transformers.

The rate of major failure since then could be reduced for GIS equipment and the quality and reliability could be further improved,

In the Circuit Breaker  failure statistics, GIS circuit breakers show the lowest failure rate compared to Dead Tank Breakers (DTB) and Live Tank Breakers (LTB).

So far the application of UHF PD methodology always failed due to signals from external disturbances and outside discharges, which can enter easily into the tank and disables a reliable PD measurement.

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