Serveron – Runaway Fault Detected by TM8 Resulting in Action to Prevent Catastrophic Failure

Qualitrol Serveron TM8 prevents catastrophic transformer failure case study

On August 28th 2016, a Serveron DGA was being used to monitor a 3-phase, 1100 MVA, 345 kV GSU. The transformer had been installed less than two years earlier. During this transformers first three months of operation there was some generation of combustible gases. Online DGA was used to correlate gas production with times when only half the cooling banks were in operation. When all the coolers were running, gas generation ceased. Troubleshooting identified that one pump was running backwards. When the wiring was corrected no further gas generation was observed.

For more information on how the Serveron TM8 online DGA monitor saved another transformer from catastrophic failure, you can check out the full case study.