WEBINAR | Power Generation Live Q&A Session with Iris Power Experts

Bring your power generation questions related to motors and generators 

Join our experts to answer your questions on topics related to motors and generators. If you have implemented a condition monitoring solution or are planning to monitor your machines in the future, this Q&A webinar is for you! To register for this event: click here.


Plant personnel, rotating machine engineers, reliability engineers or if you are involved with rotating machine. Join us to get answers of any problems you are facing, an interesting idea you want to share, a doubt you have or to share your knowledge on assets.


For the first time ever, we’ve combined all of our rotating machine experts in ONE place virtually to be able to provide you with comprehensive information regarding motors and generators. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Register now and save your seat by clicking here. Get your questions ready – in the meantime, here are some sample questions from our previous webinars to give you some inspiration for our upcoming event:

Suggested Topic: Trending

  • What do increasing trends suggest?
  • What failures could be suggested by increasing Flux trend?
  • For a new machine, when to start PD monitoring ?
  • What would suggest an alarm on endwinding movement?

Suggested Topic: Understanding data analysis and correlating data

  • New standards on vibration monitoring for hydrogenerators
  • What info does real time movement of endwindings tell us?
  • Why do we focus on 50/60Hz on end winding vibration
  • Is it worth correlating Airgap, flux, PD, etc., simultaneously?

Suggested Topic: Truths and myths of condition monitoring

  • Can we tell time to failure of a machine?
  • Can online monitoring replace visual inspection?

Take advantage of this great opportunity to get your motor and generator questions answered by industry experts. Save your spot now and register here





Dr. Greg Stone

Greg Stone was one of the developers of on-line partial discharge test methods to evaluate the condition of the high voltage insulation in stator windings. From 1975 to 1990 he was a Dielectrics Engineer with Ontario Hydro, a large Canadian power generation company.


Mladen Sasic

Mladen Sasic, P. Eng is Manager of Rotating Machine Technical Services department in IRIS Power. Mladen has more than 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and testing of High Voltage equipment.

connor chan

Connor Chan

Connor Chan has been with Qualitrol since 2001, where he is currently Rotating Machines Engineer. He has helped develop the product line for PD on VFD driven motors.


John Letal

John Letal is a Director of Field Service group for Qualitrol. He Spent majority of his career troubleshooting large rotating machines for vibration analysis, resonance detection, operating deflection shape and modal analysis.