QBCM Circuit Breaker Monitor

Circuit Breaker Monitor for SF6 gas insulated circuit breakers, Dead-tank circuit breakers and Live-tank circuit breakers

The QBCM is an advanced circuit breaker monitor capturing all parameters required to accurately monitor the overall health and performance of circuit breakers. This flexible electrical grid monitor offers remote and local analysis of critical circuit breakers including SF6 insulated circuit breakers, Dead-tank circuit breakers, and Live-tank circuit breakers.

Unique capabilities of the QBCM Circuit Breaker Monitor including comparing signal waveforms for early fault indication to prioritize maintenance schedule.



  • Monitor all three poles with a single device with complete time synchronization
  • Track performance parameters in real-time (I2t, open and close timing, motor operations and timing, breaker operation counts, SF6 density, SF6 leak rate, SF6 yearly emission, SF6 total emission, Coil current profiles, coil continuity etc.)
  • Up-to 25 polarity-free analog inputs with configurable 32/64/128 samples per cycle sampling rate
  • Up-to 21 polarity-free universal digital inputs for 125 or 230 V AC/DC applications
  • 256 bit encrypted software with secure remote upgradability over LAN
  • Sufficient on-board memory for life-time of data-logging with memory level warning and FIFO failsafe memory over-writing
  • User tested software interface for dramatically reduced commissioning time and learning effort


  • Basic and Standard models to suit Gang Operable Breakers (GOB)
  • Complete circuit breaker monitoring package for Independent Pole Operated Breaker (IPOB)
  • Pre-configured monitor with built in software and non-intrusive sensors measuring all parameters
  • Selection of standard enclosure in three materials: polycarbonate, steel and 304 SS
  • Available mounting foot-print reducer for installation in tight spaces for cost optimization
  • Magnetic mounting feet available for non-destructive installation

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For remote and local monitoring of all critical circuit breakers of almost all types e.g. SF6 insulated circuit breakers, Dead-tank circuit breakers, Live-tank circuit breakers, Spring Mechanism circuit breakers, Hydraulic mechanism circuit breakers etc.

Best suited for circuit breakers of 69kV and above rating.