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Qualitrol provides the world's energy grid with monitoring equipment to ensure reliable power. Gain real-time oversight of your operations with actionable insights into compliance, equipment performance, and risks. With Qualitrol's reliable and robust range of monitoring devices, you'll avoid costly equipment failures, while empowering your maintenance personnel to make informed decisions that save time and money.
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When and Why to Monitor Partial Discharge

Partial Discharge Monitoring (PDM) on transformers is not a new concept. As the most expensive asset in a substation, they...

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Successful Deployment of Qualitrol’s Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitor LT1

Qualitrol have recently deployed a suite of their latest low-cost wireless Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitor LT1 on the transformers at...

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Introduction to Qualitrol’s Travelling Wave Fault Locator

Transmission line trips happen…often. The number of outage hours that utility customers experience in a year can vary depending on...

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