Bushing Monitoring


Qualitrol Bushing Monitor System is an on-line Tanδ (PF) and Capacitance monitoring system for substation bushings. It measures the phase difference induced by capacitive layers of bushings and calculates the rate of change to predict defects in bushing insulation. It can predict defects related to partial breakdowns, moisture, contact problems and aging of insulation material.


  • Accurate and early incipient fault detection ensures reliable operation and reduces supply outages
  • Creates highly accurate data on asset condition hence reduces maintenance costs
  • Monitors single bushings without the need of a secondary bushing.
  • Robust design and excellent interference immunity for measurements under difficult environmental conditions
  • User friendly UI, trending, data logging, dashboard.
  • Advanced HMI provisions(intelligent data handling, display and interpretation)
  • Flexible installation and configuration options to meet customer expectations
  • Smart and quick real-time alarming / alerting mechanism
  • Remote monitoring and configuration
  • Web-based no need for dedicated software.
  • Expandable and field upgradable without reconfiguration


  • Supports 1 to 6 bushings independently.
  • 1 Spare/available module to grow with you and your needs (analog signal, digitals)
  • Can integrate 3 party devices and other Qualitrol Transformer monitors (DGA, UHF Partial Discharges Systems, Breather, etc)

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The Qualitrol Bushing Monitor System is used to continuously assess the performance of the insulation in bushings so that corrective actions can be taken before any failure occurs. The information obtained from the system is used for condition based maintenance decisions to optimize maintenance expenditure

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