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Get hands On Training from The Professionals at Qualitrol

Are you a Qualitrol certified distributor? Interested in learning more about our products? What better way to gain some knowledge and further your career than onsite training? Qualitrol believes in making sure that everyone is prepared for anything life throws at them. That’s why we’re offering training sessions at all of our offices around the world. Whether you are in North America, South America, Europe, or Asia, we have a location for you.

We are scheduling courses year-round at all of our locations offering a full walk through of our products free from distractions. Get hands on and learn everything there is about our products.

We have locations in Fairport, NY, Beaverton, OR, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dubai, U.A.E., or Beijing, China. If you come to visit us in either Fairport or Belfast we can take you through a full factory tour and see the parts being built in person.

If you are looking for more information about our training or would like to schedule a visit, we can be reached at or phone at +1 585 643 3717

Upcoming Events


IDM+ Installation and Commissioning Training
Date: May 21 -24Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: September 18 – 21Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: October 9 – 12Location: Fairport, New York
Date: December 26 – 29Location: Dubai, U.A.E

Data Analyst Training
Date: September 24 – 26Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: October 15 – 18Location: Fairport, New York
Date: November 12 – 14Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: December 2 – 4Location: Dubai, U.A.E

TWS Installation, Commissioning, and Data Analyst Training
Date: April 23 – 26Location: Dubai, U.A.E.
Date: May 15 – 18Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date: June 5 – 8Location: Fairport, New York
Date: November 6 – 9Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Iris Power

Iris Rotating Machine ConferenceDate: May 7 – 10Location: Long Beach, CA
Partial Discharge CourseDate: May 15 – 17Location: Milan, Italy
ELCID Training | Electromagnetic Core Imperfection DetectionDate: May 29 – 31Location: Toronto, Canada
Hydrogenerator Monitoring CourseDate: November 6 – 8Location: Portland, OR