Neoptix T2 Transformer Temperature Probe


The T2™ probe is a robust, oil-permeable fiber optic temperature sensor for use inside oil-filled power transformers. It is specifically designed to withstand initial manufacturing conditions, including kerosene desorption and heat runs, as well as long-term oil immersion and vibration. The probes can be embedded in a standard spacer or attached directly onto any other location inside power transformer windings.


  • Surpass ASTM D2413 and D149
  • Partial discharge < 5pC
  • -80 to 250°C range
  • Continuous slit allows perfect oil flow into jacket (patented)
  • No gage factor or calibration
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Accuracy of ± 1°C
  • No length limit (up to 1 km)
  • Disk option now available

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Neoptix T2™ temperature probes comply with ASTM D2413 and D149 standards. It is also delivered with a temporary Viton protective cap over the ST connector to prevent dirt to become in contact with the connector during assembly and heat runs. The T2 probe has also been tested for partial discharge; it was found to be lower than 5pC.

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