Xpert Services

Qualitrol expert services data analysis failure investigations

Qualitrol is offering Diagnosis & Monitoring Services as well as Condition Assessments on Transformers and GIS.

What is Condition Based Maintenance? No longer just a buzz-phrase – it has become an important key in the decentralized energy markets, where individual power plant maintenance teams are getting more and more reduced.

See The Invisible – Incipient faults may develop slowly and “hidden” by slow changes to the operational conditions. Not everything harmful can be detected with off-line testing during an outage, some faults are only detectable while the unit is energized.

Before It Is Too Late – More often than not, a transformer failure is an economic disaster. Most of the time, the economic impact comes from the wait time for a replacement. Did you know that the typical time between order, manufacturing, delivery, and replacement of a transformer can easily take longer than a year? By not actively monitoring your transformer you could lose revenue, experience catastrophic failures, and have major safety and environmental impacts.

That’s where we step in. With our Xpert Services we come in and do all of the necessary monitoring for you. We can give you data diagnosis, health assessments, and PD monitoring. We can then make sure that you are registered and certified with NERC or any other regulatory body that may require you to be certified.

We also can come on a visit and train your staff on how to properly monitor and regulate the transformers yourself, giving your employees more responsibility and more buy in into the health of your assets.

We have two tiers of services we offer.

Tier 1 – We come to you and perform maintenance and data analysis on your assets. We show you the data and make sure you understand what is happening with your transformers.

Tier 2 – We train your staff on how to perform the data analysis and everything necessary to ensure the health of your units. This option allows for your employees to be more hands on and learn the process themselves, allowing for more personal responsibility to keep the transformer healthy.

Both of these options are available at any time, give us a call and ask for more info on the services we provide.


Interested? You can reach out to info@qualitrolcorp.com or call us at +1 585 643 3717