AKM 44611/48471 Top-Mounted Thermometer

Top Mount Bi-Metal Thermometer Installed at Pocket Well

AKM 44611/48471 Top-Mounted Thermometer with temperature indication and a reset-able maximum temperature pointer offers easy to read temperature indicator installed without draining transformer tank. Most models can be screwed into a pocket (well) that allows units to be exchanged without draining the tank. Made of corrosion-resistant materials for long life and high accuracy performance.


  • Accurate indication with rugged, low profile design
  • Weatherproof to IEC 529 protective class IP54 standards and NEMA 3S rating
  • Provides accuracy within ±2°C
  • Dampened element provides smooth pointer movement
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and design long life
  • Stainless steel housing and flange withstand harsh environments
  • Features a scratch-resistant, UV stabilized polycarbonate lens
  • Quickly see the current and maximum temperature
  • Can be read easily from a distance with a large pointer
  • The lens is made of clear, UV stabilized, molded polycarbonate for easy, scratch-resistant viewing throughout the life of the unit
  • All models feature dustproof, vented design to prevent moisture from accumulating under the lens, keeping the dial face clear for optimal viewing
  • Resettable maximum pointer indicates the highest temperature since last reset
  • Bi-metal measurement with reset-able maximum pointer
  • Power is not required for function


  • Various temperature ranges
  • Tank connection style, probe length and diameter, compatible well
  • Sealed or vented lens

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For temperature indication where the point of measurement (the well or pocket) is on the side of the apparatus and can be easily viewed.

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