QTMS Qualitrol Transformer Monitoring System


Designed to be completely modular and flexible, the QTMS is customizable to any new build or retrofit situation. The QTMS sheds light on known issues, potential problems and provides a snapshot of fleet health by bringing the following technology into one platform: Partial Discharge, DGA, Bushing, Fiber Optics, and Smart Sensor Data.



  • Modular design; full customization of monitoring parameters to meet specification
  • Reduce installation and reconfiguration time; web based software and plug and play modules
  • Field upgradeable with wiring on the front panel of the unit
  • Multiple chassis sizes and mounting options to suit any application


  • Optional push button display screen
  • Up to 196 digital inputs/112 relays per system
  • Flexible configuration
  • Any module configuration may be chosen and module changes are auto-recognized by internal software
  • Chassis customization (STX, MTX, LTX)
  • Variety of mounting options available (panel mount, rack mount and various enclosures)

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Transformer monitor for condition based, continuous online monitoring of asset health (CBM). Interfaces with a variety of Qualitrol & third party smart sensors, as well as traditional gauges to accurately measure transformer parameters vital to asset management. The QTMS utilizes a modular approach allowing for full system customization to specification. Modules are field upgradeable. Web based software is specifically designed for ease of unit commissioning and setup.

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