Qualitrol 118 Intelligent Transformer Monitor

Dry Type Transformer Monitor

The 118 monitors temperature in up to three (3) Dry-Type transformer windings. The 118 operates Fan, Alarm, Trip and two (2) additional relays by comparing the winding with the highest temperature to pre-selected relay set point temperatures. Front panel LED indication available.  Up to two (2) cooling fan banks can be controlled using the heavy duty fused fan control relays.


  • Monitor up to three dry-type transformer windings
  • Built-in fan control, fan exerciser, alarming and trip functions
  • 0-1 or 4-20mA output for integration with SCADA systems
  • CE, UL and CSA certified


  • Optional MODBUS communication via RS-485

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The 118 series Intelligent Transformer Monitor is the right choice for all your Dry Type Transformer monitoring and control needs.