On Shore and Offshore Oil and Gas Monitoring Solutions

Qualitrol oil and gas reliable monitoring solutions

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Oil and Natural Gas continue to be a major source of global energy. Whether Upstream, Midstream or Downstream, Qualitrol products can help you reduce costs and improve your asset management.

Qualitrol’s focus on asset condition monitoring has allowed it to develop comprehensive solutions for multiple asset types used in refineries, as well as other Oil & Gas production sites throughout the energy sector. These solutions have enabled energy companies to adopt Predictive or Condition Based Maintenance to:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • defer capital expenditures
  • reduce the risk of unplanned outages

Our condition monitoring solutions incorporate many of the latest technologies available in sensors, monitors, communications gateways and algorithms, which can be tailored for a given asset. These core elements are integrated into a condition monitoring platform that provides real time information on asset health, so the risk of unplanned outages is reduced.  This focused attention on monitoring asset health may prolong the life of the asset and reduce unnecessary maintenance over its lifetime.

By adopting these Qualitrol solutions, the risks of electrical substation and rotating machine failure, leading to unplanned refinery outages, are reduced.