Q&A with Qualitrol: Details About Our New Data Analysis and Professional Monitoring Services Offering

Qualitrol expert services data analysis failure investigations

In the corporate and consumer worlds “…as a service” offerings make a ton of sense. They keep capital expenditures and overhead down while ensuring ongoing technology currency and quality.

The newest offering from Qualitrol is loosely based on this principle. More accurately, it’s an opportunity for energy grid operators and large industrial customers around the world to leverage Qualitrol’s expertise in online and offline measurements to assess the health of critical electrical assets. Data analytics. Specialty testing. Failure investigation. We really have hands-on expertise and insight on how to extend the service life of your equipment.

To answer a few questions about the new offering, we chatted with Joseph Mbuyi, General Manager Qualitrol Services.

Q: What are we talking about here, how is this new and different?

A: Xpert Services is a program that provides in-depth data analysis by industry veterans on various critical assets in the electrical grid. It expands our existing field service offering, giving customers fast, accurate data analysis based on years of experience and thousands of real-world scenarios plus hypothetical models. In addition to the data analysis service, we’ve formalized and developed three offerings that customers ask for with increasing frequency:


  • Data analysis training. By passing along our knowledge and best practices, we empower your team to translate data into information that is actionable. Our customers must own their Condition Based Maintenance program and data to drive operational success.
  • Specialty testing services. Not everything on your grid can or should be tested and monitored on a continuous basis and some offline and specialized measurements require a depth of experience not typically found at most sites. For specialty assets or unique situations, we have a variety of custom tools and techniques.
  • Failure investigation. Whether it’s a minor disturbance or a catastrophic event, learning from an incident is the only way to be prepared and possibly prevent the next one. We partner with your team to investigate each incident and work to develop technical and operational processes to increased uptime going forward.

Q: How is it different from services offered in the past…or by other providers?

A:  Qualitrol technical support goes beyond previous product and service offerings to cover all of a customer’s condition monitoring needs. Our team of subject-matter experts can assist in evaluating specific problems with your assets, provide training on best practices, keep you up-to-speed on the latest international standards in asset testing, monitoring and assessment. Furthermore, we are there to support your technical decision-making process by suggesting alternatives and/or reviewing your specifications.

As for other providers, we are uniquely positioned to provide these kinds of services today based on our pedigree of being a leading manufacturer of sensors and monitors for these critical assets since 1950’s, in combination with the practical knowledge of our team of experts who have designed or maintained these assets most of their professional lives. This is another way for Qualitrol to get intimate with the day to day problems of our customers in the field, and how we can help to keep you up and running.

Q: What are some advantages of this new service?

A: The biggest benefit of our Xpert Services is your team gains insight into the health of the grid, or individual assets, based on the experience we have gained around the globe with similar systems and electrical apparatus of varying vintage, and made by a variety of manufacturers. Which is the goal of monitoring in the first place. This approach simply brings you closer to the critical indicators in your data.

You’ll better understand what the right testing or monitoring solution is. You’ll get thoughtful health assessments and diagnoses. You can even receive the training necessary for a deeper understanding of the underlying technical issues and operational alternatives.

Q: How does this meet the changing nature of energy grids?

A: As demand grows on the grid, it’s more important than ever to make sound, data-driven business decisions. Qualitrol’s Xpert Services is a practical way to expand your condition-based maintenance team without expanding your payroll. You get clear cost savings or at least cost containment when you are faced with developing issues in your network. You increase asset reliability, better manage maintenance schedules, and continue to meet expectations for uninterrupted energy service.

Want to talk more about Data Analysis and Professional Monitoring? Email us at info@qualitrolcorp.com or call 585-643-3717.