Training and Education

Qualitrol courses are designed to provide the student with hands-on, practical experience. With more equipment time – we keep the student working! Each instructor is put through the rigors of the Qualitrol product certification program making each instructor a product certified expert with field experience.

Customer Site Instruction

We bring the whole training experience to you. Qualitrol supplies the actual product that your personnel are, or will be, working with, equipment manuals, labs, and expert instructors. All you need to supply are the students. This is a very cost effective way of teaching a group of people. No personnel travel and living costs, and your people are there, at your site, if they are needed.

WebEx Classroom Instruction

If money or time, or availability of your personnel are issues, Qualitrol Educational Services can perform certain classes on-line – at your convenience. These are not self-paced courses, but live instructor lead courses with real-time equipment and application demonstrations. Your personnel can see the equipment and the application as the instructor calibrates, configures, and tests equipment. We even conduct quizzes to review information and conduct labs where the students participate.

Factory Courses

If it is more suitable to attend a scheduled course without any outside interruptions, lending full concentration on the subject matter, attending a factory course is what you are looking for. We have training facilities around the world (Fairport, Belfast, Beaverton, Dubai, Beijing) providing a place of instruction no matter where your place of business. Factory tours are available if you attend a class in either of our Fairport, NY, or Belfast, Northern Ireland facilities.