SmartSub Substation Conditioning Monitoring Software


Multi-function condition based monitoring software of substation assets. Through a combination of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), smart sensors, fully secure communication, open protocols, and ‘intelligent’ head end user friendly software, maintenance operators can view trending and actual data for informed decision making.

Monitoring Options
Switchgear And Breaker
Power Grid
Vault Transformer
Works with These Assets


  • Fully modular, flexible and secure system
  • Achieve greater grid reliability
  • Significantly reduce utility Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Make more effective and efficient decisions in real time

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Real time monitoring functions include:

  • Partial discharge in transformers, GIS, bushings, CTs and cables
  • Temperature, pressure, flow and liquid levels of oil in transformers
  • Moisture levels, dissolved gas analysis, cooling performance, load tap control, fault location and loadings on transformers
  • Breaker, bushings, batteries, MV panels, capacitor bank, surge arrestor, reactor and protection system condition monitoring
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