ITM Remote Software


The ITM Remote software provides a report card of critical information needed to effectively manage transformer operation.


  • TransLife™ feature provides a dashboard of critical information needed to effectively manage transformer operation
  • Critical forecast feature estimates the time to reach critical temperature based on the present transformer load
  • Temperature profiler records the time at various temperatures that relate to asset life, this information is displayed graphically for quick identification of time spent at peak temperatures
  • Monitoring up to 3 windings receives inputs from oil, winding and ambient temperature
  • Report loss of life rates, life consumption (daily and hourly), total loss of life and remaining asset life



  • Qualitrol 509-100 ITM Software: General Control
  • Qualitrol 509-200 ITM Software: Cooling Control
  • Qualitrol 509-300 ITM Software: LTC Monitoring
  • Qualitrol 509 ITM Software: Critical Transformer Monitoring

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Software is present in all Qualitrol 509 ITM Intelligent Transformer Monitors which can be used on all oil-filled, and critical transformers to monitor the condition of your assets.

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