Qualitrol 509 Direct Winding Transformer Monitor


Measures transformer temperatures (direct winding, calculated winding, main tank oil, load tap changer, ambient). Consolidates temperature information with alarm contacts and other information using customizable relays. Accepts most third party sensors for other parameters.


  • All the features of the Qualitrol 509 ITM
  • Real time comparison of calculated and direct (‘hot spot’) winding temperatures for verification of transformer operation to OEM specification
  • Up to 8 modular inputs of various types and up to 16 additional fiber optic temperature inputs via digital port when combined with optical hot spot modules
  • Cooling monitor model (509-200) for advanced control or load tap changer monitor (509-300) model for detailed performance monitoring


  • Neoptix® T2™ temperature sensors, fiber optic extension cables, optical feedthrough, tank wall plate style (bolt-on or weld-on) and junction box
  • Optical hot spot module (up to 8 fiber inputs per module) for constant monitoring
  • Portable fiber optic thermometer for single probe verification and monitoring

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For remote and local monitoring of all critical oil filled transformer parameters including cooling system control and load tap changer monitoring. Special model for real time comparison of calculated and direct winding temperatures.

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