Qualitrol COV-121/PLT-201/PLT-202 Junction Box for Tank Wall Plate


Designed for prolonged protection of fiber optic components in any environment. Removable panel for easy access to connections without removal of entire junction box and conduit. Tank wall plates available in bolt-on (PLT-202) and weld-on (PLT-201) versions. Number of holes in tank wall plate are customer specified and designed to mate with optical feedthroughs (CON-159-1).


  • Eliminates need for drilling additional holes or welding to create a ‘do-it-yourself’ solution for protection of fiber optic connections
  • Two specially designed 1/8 inch (3.2mm) thick neoprene gaskets (one for access panel and one for base of junction box) isolate optical feedthroughs (CON-159-1) and fiber optic extension cables (CAB-700) from harsh environmental conditions
  • Access panel makes installation and connections easy
  • Flat surface for quick, easy and leak-free conduit installation
  • Junction box designed to perfectly mate with either bolt-on (PLT-202) or weld-on (PLT-201) tank wall plates

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Protection of fiber optic connections at the tank wall of oil-filled or dry-type power transformers.
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