Monitoring Solutions for the Electrical Power Grid


Qualitrol monitoring solutions electrical power grid generation transmission distribution

At Qualitrol, we provide monitoring solutions to power networks or the energy grid. Whether you are looking to monitor new or existing electrical assets, Qualitrol can provide technologies that can deliver reliable power preventing outages.

Established in 1945, with continuous improvement at the core of our business, Qualitrol provides monitoring across the globe for utility assets in addition to industrial organizations, oil and gas, engineering/design firms, construction companies, and large manufacturing operations.

We are the largest and most trusted global leader for partial discharge monitoring, substation equipment and transmission line or grid monitoring products across generation, transmission and distribution networks.

At Qualitrol we are redefining condition based monitoring.

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Combining hardware and the know-how necessary to ensure quality results at every step of the operation, Qualitrol has earned an industry-wide reputation for quality and integrity.

Whether your solution requires monitoring partial discharge within a nuclear power plan, reducing power loss in a transmission lines, sudden pressure on a critical transformer – Qualitrol can offer standard or customized sensors, monitors, software, reporting and expert field service solutions for any size organization.