Qualitrol 909 Seal-in Pressure Relay


For use with Qualitrol 900/910 series Rapid Pressure Rise Relays and other instruments to maintain momentary alarm and trip circuits. The relay and LED indicator remains activated until the manual reset button is pressed.


  • Eliminates problematic and momentary relay actions
  • Eliminates the difficulty of controlling alarms and other peripheral devices with momentary or chattering contact signals
  • Configurable for use varying applications
  • One model configurable for either 48, 125, 250 VDC or 120, 240 VAC
  • Mounting footprint and wiring is compatible with existing installations of similar devices
  • Two independent relays provide simultaneous operation for control functions
  • Corrosion resistant materials and rugged design provide a long service life
  • Stainless steel cover protects components
  • Printed circuit board provides high reliability
  • Seal-in function controlled by solid state device
  • Trip circuit contacts are protected by surge suppressor
  • Wiring connections and jumper configurations are printed on shield
  • Convenient jumper plug allows easy adaptability to various supply line voltage and current types
  • Red LED indicates actuation of relay
  • Yellow LED indicates a short in the switch or faulty wiring


  • Explosive Environments Class 1/Division 2 Protection

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For power transformers or any other applications which require a momentary contact signal to be maintained. Can be configured for use in AC or DC applications.