NEW! Universal Mounted IP65 Design Sudden Pressure Rise Relay

Qualitrol sudden pressure rise relay rapid pressure rise relay for power transformers

Qualitrol launches enhanced Rapid Pressure Rise Relay (RPRR) for detection of sudden pressure detection on power transformers.

The Qualitrol Rapid Pressure Rise Relay (RPRR) is the original mechanical device for detection of sudden pressure events based on the rate of pressure rise and safe limits established by transformer manufactureres. When a dangerous pressure rise has been detected, the rapid pressure rise relay (RPRR) will change state) reducing the risk of damage on the asset.

Pressure Alarm or Trip Signal – Minimize Tank Damage

Now with Universal IP65 Mount – The Qualitrol RPRR Rapid Pressure Rise Relay can be used as a transformer sudden pressure alarm or trip signal to minimize the potential of transformer tank damage.

Eliminate Moisture with Gore-Tex® Vents! PROVEN to Extend Product Life

Featuring a Gore-Tex® IP65 vent, these vents have proven to be best for eliminating moisture ingress and providing a long life product. The IP65 vent also allows for the rapid pressure rise relay to be universally mounted either horizontally or vertically. There is no longer the need to specify the install orientation!

Ordering is now quick and easy with smart part number for quick identification of the product. For more information contact us at



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