3 Ways it Pays to Monitor Power Quality

Power quality measurement is a developing market. For decades, it was thought that “power is power” — you have it or you don’t. Today, it’s becoming clear that there are distinctions regarding the consistency and quality of a power. As a result, many monitoring options have emerged.

To meet the need for power quality measurement, Qualitrol has taken a close look at the needs and ideal state of this practice. Our goal was to provide information, not just data. Our solution was to create a reliable, standards-based multifunction device that provides Class A power quality and fault recording. With nine channels available as AC or DC, the Informa PMD-A eliminates 90% analytical time. Here are the three ways it pays to invest in the Informa PMD-A. 

1) Standards-Based Measurement = Repeatable Results

With multiple manufacturers creating devices for power quality measurement, the potential for varying results within the industry, even within a single grid monitoring operation, is high. That’s why the International Electrotechnical Commission established a standard — IEC 61000-4-30. Among other requirements, it calls for the continuous recording of up to 1014 parameters (min, max, avg) for 10-minute intervals. Adhering to this standard, you can achieve reliable, repeatable results.

2) User-Friendly Means Budget-Friendly

As with any product we develop, ease of use is a top priority. Because we know that if a device is user-friendly, it will be used regularly, effectively and efficiently. What you can expect from the Informa PMD-A:

  • Easy device commissioning (wizard style)
  • Fast client-less information access (PQ reports)
  • Clear, comprehensive overview screens
  • Automated analysis
  • Plus, helpful system health checks

The result: A comprehensive package that provides critical analysis at the click of a single button. And cumulative process savings.

3) Scalable, Future-Proof Equipment, For Savings Down the Road

The INFORMA PMD-A can be expanded in functionality as your needs change. Start with one function and add more over time. It can be configured as a power quality monitor, a simplified digital fault recorder or a fully integrated, full function power quality / digital fault recorder. The system is designed to work with up 1,000 devices. So when you’re ready to add available features or functionality, there’s no need for additional devices or software. Just let us know.

Compromised power quality can be costly for you and your customers. Voltage spikes. Harmonic disruptions. Power interruptions. These threaten equipment, productivity and reputations. Count on the first name in power monitoring for the Power Quality Monitoring you need today and in the years ahead. Contact Qualitrol to learn more about the Informa PMD-A today.