High Voltage = Big Business

As HVDC power station growth continues in China and around the world, there are many condition-monitoring considerations

The rush to build High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power stations and systems continues. Analysts estimate the market at more than $12.3 billion over the next four years.

Taking a look at the expansion in the Asia Pacific region, specifically in China, here is a look at the current market environment:

  • HVDC systems are highly efficient for sending bulk power over long distances
  • Direct current is economical, stable and more reliable than alternating current (AC) systems
  • Renewable energy generation, which is often more distributed and farther away from the point of need, requires efficient long-distance transmission – ideal for HVDC

“China is investing heavily in renewable energy and implementing latest UHVDC technology for power transmission.” According to a Market Watch article. The story notes that “two of the world’s longest HVDC power transmission highways, each with a nominal rating of 3,000 MW, are currently being installed in China.”

China is clearly committed to renewables. They’ve emerged as the world’s leading maker of solar panels, turbines, and batteries. While much of that technology is for export, it’s also being implemented inside China, which is why the nation is busy building power grid superhighways throughout the massive nation. Beyond its borders, China has committed to HVDC transmission systems designed to link Asia to Africa and Europe, including more than 500 miles being installed in Pakistan right now.

What does this mean for monitoring?

It’s especially important to monitor long-distance power transmission solutions because, while direct current is considered to be more stable, disturbances in bulk power transmission can be highly disruptive and in some cases dangerous to assets and people.

Qualitrol offers comprehensive solutions for multiple asset types used in HVDC implementations. These solutions enable Predictive or Condition Based Maintenance to:

  • Test new systems and establish baseline expectations for hardware maintenance
  • Keep maintenance costs low on these expansive systems in the decades ahead
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned outages

Our condition monitoring solutions incorporate many of the latest technologies available in sensors, monitors, communications gateways and algorithms, which can be tailored for a given HVDC asset or system. These core elements are integrated into a condition monitoring platform that provides real-time information on asset health, so the risk of unplanned outages is minimized.

Regardless of what country or company continues to pioneer the growth of HVDC as it connects renewable resources across continents, Qualitrol is committed to providing reliable monitoring solutions that ensure HVDC confidence.

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