WEBINAR | Partial Discharge Monitoring in Stator Windings: Science or Black Magic?

Free Live Webinar with Q&A.

On-line PD testing and monitoring has been used by motor and generator operators for as long as 70 years.  Yet there is still skepticism about its usefulness in planning maintenance and avoiding stator winding failures.  Join us for our live webinar on May 13th at 1PM EST, where we will take a look at the evolution of on-line PD technology over time to make the test more scientific and less dependent on expert “magicians”.


May 13, 2020. 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT.


– Review of Partial Discharge

– Stator Insulation Processes Detected by Partial Discharge

– Historical Developments Driving Down False Indication Rate

– PD Test Standards

– What Partial Discharge Monitoring Can Do – and Not Do

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Host Bio:

Qualitrol Iris Power Greg StoneDr. Greg Stone was one of the developers of on-line partial discharge test methods to evaluate the condition of the high voltage insulation in stator windings. From 1975 to 1990, he was a Dielectrics Engineer with Ontario Hydro, a large Canadian power generation company. Since 1990, Dr. Stone has been employed at Iris Power L.P. in Toronto, Canada, a motor and generator condition monitoring company he helped to form. Iris is now owned by Qualitrol. He has published two books on motor and generator winding maintenance and authored >200 papers concerned with rotating machine windings. Since 1980, he has also been active in creating and updating many IEEE and IEC standards. Greg Stone has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is a Fellow of the IEEE. He has won numerous awards from the IEC, Cigre and IEEE for his technical contributions.


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