CIGRE Session 2016: Palais de Congres (Paris, France) – August 21-26, 2016

Visit the Qualitrol Booth #125 Niveau 1

The CIGRE Session provides a unique opportunity to listen to contributions from international senior executives as well as experts and specialists through official presentations, panel discussions, technical meetings and poster sessions. The Session also offers a social program starting with a welcome drink (which includes coffee breaks) to engage further discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

In parallel of the Session, a Technical Exhibition is held in the same location on levels 1, 2 and 3. The exhibition offers the opportunity to all visitors, including CIGRE delegates, to discover new services, tools, equipment and materials as well as the most advanced technologies in the field of power systems.

Our very own, Howard Sedding, will be part of the technical program on his work titled: “Progress in Interpreting On-line Partial Discharge Test Results from Motor and Generator Stator Windings”.  Discussions for his paper will be held Wednesday, August 24th for SC A1 and presented in the power session during the morning of Thursday, August 25th.

The CIGRE Session and its Technical Exhibition bring together more than 8500 senior executives, engineers and experts from the worlwide Power Industry.

Main themes will include:
  • Eco design of equipment
  • Maintenance, refurbishment and life time of equipment
  • Development of DC solutions
  • Coordination between TSOs
  • Public acceptance of equipment
  • Integration of renewable
  • Active distribution systems
  • Information systems
4 main strategic directions for CIGRE technical activities are:
  • The Electrical Power System of the Future: super grids, smart grids…
  • Making best use of the existing power system
  • Focus on environment and sustainability
  • Communication on power system issues to the audience