Introducing Qualitrol’s Latest Product: QTMS

Qualitrols Launches New Intelligent Transformer Monitor, QTMS, to Pull Together Multiple Sensors and Data into a Central Location.

Serving as the “missing piece” to complete condition based monitoring for Transformers, Qualitrols QTMS helps answer pressing questions such as:

  • Am I monitoring the vital asset health indication?
  • How do I integrate many stand-alone sensors and monitoring methods?
  • How do all of the pieces of CBM fit together to give me meaningful data?

Designed to be completely modular and flexible, the QTMS is customizable to any new build or retrofit situation.

The QTMS sheds light on known issues, potential problems and provides a snapshot of fleet health by bringing the following technology into a single platform: Partial Discharge, DGA, Bushing, Fiber Optics and Smart Sensor data.