Qualitrol Betalarm 4 Alarm Annunciator

Control Room Alarm Annunciator

The Betalarm 4 control room alarm annunciator allows operators to visually capture important identifiers through color and text. This product uniquely matches any operating needs and site specifications to easily configure to your control room needs and in the future. The most cost-effective annunciation solution available today and is made possible by the latest Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology. Built to fit any sized system and fit any available space, horizontal or vertical. Truly customizable.


  • A choice of eight different NEMA 1,4, and 12 enclosures further expand the Betalarm 4s applicability
  • A single Betalarm 4 system can consist of multiple annunciators up to a maximum of 256 windows
  • While Betalarm 4 windows come in large, medium and small sizes, you have many additional appearance choices
  • All normal service procedures are through the front of the unit
  • Four different first-out sequences
  • Auto-mute and auto-acknowledge
  • When used at an unmanned site, visual and audible features can be disabled to reduce power consumption


  • Custom response time
  • Can be supplied with nearly any field contact voltage in the range of 5V to 150Vac or 5V to 250Vdc
  • Optional LED assemblies are comprised of four ultra-bright LEDs and plug into standard lamp holder
  • Qualitrol can supply legends as requested or provide film legend software for users to produce their own using a PC and standard laser printer

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All common annunciator applications; any control room scenarios.

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