Qualitrol DGA-LT1

Wireless Dissolved Gas Analyzer and Transformer Monitoring Platform

The Qualitrol QualConnex DGA-LT1 is a cost-effective wireless transformer monitor specifically designed for monitoring transformers whose location or application mean there is no easy access to instrument power or wired communications.  The DGA-LT1 measures dissolved hydrogen concentration, moisture, and temperature in a wide range of dielectric insulating oil types.  The monitor takes only minutes to install and requires no costly power or communications cables.  Data is securely stored and analysed on the QualConnex Platform, to provide alert notifications on gas and moisture concentrations, and rate of change of either, as well as on oil temperature.  The DGA-LT1 brings a cost-effective means to reduce site safety risks and prevent costs associated with unplanned outages due to failures.  The DGA LT1 leverages the QGateways RF to TCP/IP for encrypted, highly secure data transfer.

Works with These Assets


  • Secure wireless dissolved gas analyser
  • Measures hydrogen concentration, moisture, and temperature of all common dielectric insulating oil types
  • Requires no power supply or communications cables
  • Responds only to Hydrogen with no cross interference from other gases in the oil.
  • QualConnex ™ is our web enabled analytics platform providing automated alarms, and interactive trending functions.
  • Multiple DGA-LT1 monitors can transfer data wirelessly through each QGateway (depending on geographic spread and physical set up of equipment to be monitored)


  • Training on product operations and installation
  • Installation support
  • QualConnex setup support (i.e entering transformer nameplate information)


Commercial Offering:
  1. Hardware as a Service (HaaS)
    • Hardware is fully warrantied and provided on an annual lease with access to the monitoring platforms
  2. Hardware Purchase
    • Hardware is purchased outright by the user and access to QualConnex is provided on a 5 year contract basis

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The Qualitrol Qualconnex DGA LT1 was been specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for monitoring transformers located in wind farms, solar farms, industrial sites and across distribution and transmission grids where instrument power is unavailable or where user are looking for a wireless deployment of online DGA .  The accumulation of Hydrogen gas and moisture in transformer oil is a clear indicator of incipient transformer faults. The DGA-LT1 automatically measures dissolved hydrogen concentration, moisture concentration and temperature of dielectric insulating oil to provide operators of potential safety risks and transformer faults.