Qualitrol OmniFlex II Fiber Optic Signal Conditioner


Multi-channel fully upgradeable Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring system. Field upgradeable to as many as 104 channels. Can be controlled via flexible color touch screen and powerful webserver software. The Ethernet interface allows reliable and sizzling 
connection to any PC or MAC computers.


  • Available with up to 104 channels
  • 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure, for a maximum of 13 OmniModules (104 channels)
  • Hot swappable slide-in OmniModules
  • Easy to add more channels and features later
  • Intuitive operation through touch display
  • 5 inch color touch display (320 x 240 pixels)
  • 6 GB logging memory
  • Ethernet interface, with web server
  • Accuracy of ±1 oC
  • Acquisition as fast as 0.1 second per channel
  • Voltage or current analog outputs

Group Created with Sketch. Applications

For general purpose temperature measurements, where immunity to electromagnetic fields is required. Ideal for transformer heat runs, medical and high voltage applications, and other demanding 
industrial applications