Iris Power Stator Wedge Analyzer (SWA)

Offline Testing Instrument to Identify Loose Stator Winding Wedges

The SWA instrument allows maintenance personnel to easily and effectively assess the tightness of stator wedges.

Hydro Generator
Turbine Generator
Works with These Assets


  • Two operational modes: Standard and Advanced
  • In Standard test mode, tightness of each wedge is compared to predefined values while in Advanced mode, the tightness of each wedge can be compared to all other wedges in the winding, the wedges of another winding or any user selected external reference.
  • Repeatable, objective, numeric test data removes subjectivity of hand tapping methods.
  • Fast, easy wedge tightness testing and analysis.
  • Permanent record of test data.
  • Easy report generation.
  • Great flexibility in test set-up
  • In-depth analyzing capabilities
  • Printing of results
  • Ability to export test data to spreadsheets, databases, or word processors