The Qualitrol Podcast is a weekly installment into the inner workings of our products and Qualitrol as a whole. We discuss different products or events that are going on at the company and is a great way to stay up to date on all of the new things happening at Qualitrol.

You can find all of the episodes of the podcast below;

Episode 1: The Qualitrol 930 RPRR

In Episode 1, we discuss what sudden pressure is and why it is important to monitor on transformers. In addition, we cover the main features of the electronic RPRR from Qualitrol, the 930. This RPRR offers many benefits over the mechanical version and includes a built in seal-in relay as opposed to other RPRRs that require a separate seal-in relay. The 930 RPRR is capable of mounting to any retrofit transformer, making the switch to the 930 seamless.

Episode 2: Moisture in Transformers

In Episode 2 we go in depth on the in’s and out’s on moisture in transformers and how to handle it. We discuss what a smart breather is and how it helps to regulate the moisture inside of a transformer.

Episode 3: Retrofitting Gauges

In Episode 3 we talk about retrofitting new gauges onto an existing transformer. We also cover what is needed to retrofit and what the easiest options are. Hear directly from our Application Engineers as they discuss emergency gauges and how they can help when you least expect it.