Qualitrol Center of Excellence

Qualitrol has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive solutions for the utilities sector for many years, with installations across the globe. Our customers rely on our expertise to provide them with solutions that can help them achieve their goals. Now, Qualitrol is taking a step forward to further empower our customers to learn and make informed decisions that will drive mutual success.

Our vision at Qualitrol is to be the leading provider of essential technology that enables the delivery of uninterrupted power to create a safer, more productive world where no one has to live through a power outage again. To achieve our vision, we must interconnect our products and solutions, and engage our customers by solving the problems they face. We are excited to announce the Center of Excellence initiative. The Centers of Excellence in Brazil, N. Ireland, The United States, and Canada are already driving powerful interactions and exchanges with our customers. We are looking forward to expanding into the United Arab Emirates and Singapore in 2023 to allow customers around the world to more easily experience Qualitrol’s new technologies and see how they are directly linked to utilities’ asset performance strategies and KPIs.


What is a Qualitrol Center of Excellence?

The Centers of Excellence are Qualitrol’s experience centers, these centers give customers the opportunity to work with Qualitrol instruments in a live setting. The Center of Excellence also supports remote training with our digital library. With the support of our digital document library, the Centers of Excellence can provide training and research opportunities in person or remotely.

Qualitrol is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive solutions to help them achieve their goals. We take pride in our continuous evolution in how we connect and engage with our customers and peers. We are excited to deliver unparalleled expertise and support to our customers. Join us on this journey of empowering the utilities sector business transformation with the help of our Center of Excellence and digital tools and processes.


Qualitrol Training and Equipment Available in the Centers of Excellence

Programs at our centers are led by our Qualitrol Champions and our global Technical Application Specialist team, providing a variety of learning and training opportunities:  asset training, hardware/technology/methodology training, analytics testing, data analysis review, system architecture and topology review, product training or demonstrations, and a full view of Qualitrol solutions from single asset to multi-asset, and even multi-site level visibility.

Each Center of Excellence also features many of Qualitrol’s instruments set up in a mock-live environment. Test-drive DGA, Breathers, Breaker Monitoring, Bushing Monitoring, SF6, Gauges, and Fault Recorders and Locators and work hands-on with Qualitrol’s software options.


Why visit a Center of Excellence?

Business transformation is not just about adapting to change but embracing it to create a stronger, more innovative, and sustainable offering for our customers. At Qualitrol, we are committed to investing in and building tools and processes to help drive this transformation journey, providing our customers with the tools and know-how to adopt new processes and empower their success.

At Qualitrol, we want to empower our customers with comprehensive solutions, timely information, and the expertise to support the customer journey from pre-sale to operational installation and beyond.

Planning your Visit

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