WEBINAR | Smarter Asset Maintenance

Qualitrol Circuit Breaker Monitoring

New QPDM Partial Discharge Monitor for Transformers.

Qualitrol’s new QPDM Partial Discharge Monitor is a one box solution capable of monitoring up to 6 UHF Partial Discharge sensors to assess the most accurate PD data available. Qualitrol’s field-proven, industry leading UHF Partial Discharge monitoring, trending and classification technology is based on 25+ years of experience.

Download our on-demand webinar  titled “Smarter Asset Maintenance” where our experts tackle strategic decision making with partial discharge data and trending to drive smarter asset maintenance.


  • Transformer Maintenance Strategies
  • Predictive vs. Condition Based Maintenance – The Good and the Bad
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring
  • Trending vs. Direct Data Capture
  • New QPDM Monitor Features & Benefits
  • Analyzing & Interpreting PD Data

Download now and gain better insight to what is really going on with your electrical assets. Plan your maintenance more effectively and save time and money.