AKM 38750/38920/38960 Large SF6 gas density monitors

Accurate SF6 monitoring provides exceptional reliability

AKM 38750/38920/38960 Large SF6 gas density monitors
Provides mechanical local indication for monitoring SF6 gas density. Automatically compensates for gas pressure changes due to ambient temperature. Offers alarm and limit control with up to three factory set switches.
  •  Mechanical based local indication with optional bi-metal ambient temperature compensation and switches for alarm and control functions
  • 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) dial face with several pressure range options
  • Vibration mounting and rugged stainless steel case for long life

Accurate SF6 monitoring provides exceptional reliability  

  • Indication accuracy of ±2% of max. scale value for fill pressure within full ambient temperature range
  • Switching accuracy of ±3% for dependable limit control and alarm triggering within full ambient temperature range
  • Each gas density monitor is individually tested and factory certified prior to shipping

Improved protection of your SF6 gas filled equipment with electronic alarm and limit control 

  • Up to 3 optional, factory-set switches allow for alarm and lockout functions
  • The snap-action, SPST or SPDT switches are UL and CSA approved

Rugged design and corrosion resistant materials provide long, trouble free life 

  • Weatherproof according to IP54 (equivalent to NEMA 3S rating)
  • Features stainless steel housing, bezel and anti-vibration plate
  • Cast aluminum wiring enclosure with powder coat finish for added durability
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate lens resists yellowing with age

Made to customer specifications with a wide variety of options 

  • Gas density monitor comes with 0, 1, 2 or 3 switches which are factory set based on your requirements
  • Features a large 4” (102 mm) dial with several pressure ranges available up to 1 MPa max
  • Terminal box is standard but many connection options can be configured as needed
  • Several pressure ranges offered as standard with custom ranges and styles available from factory
For use on high voltage and medium voltage gas insulated circuit breakers (live and dead tank), switchgear bushings and transformers. For gas density monitoring applications that require local indication and optional switches for alarm and limit control.
  • Asset Protection