Iris Power AGTracII

Continuous On-Line Air Gap Monitoring

The AGTracII and Capacitive Air Gap Sensor provides continuous monitoring of the air gap between the rotor and the stator winding on Hydro Generators.

Hydro Generator
Works with These Assets


  • Air Gap Capacitive Sensors(4 to 16 sensors)
  • Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • Sync Sensor (1 sensor)
  • Continuous Monitoring Instrument
  • Data Management Software
  • Processes the acquired signals in real time
  • Detects the various machine modes of operation:
    – Stationary
    – Run up
    – Normal operation
    – Transient
    – Coast down
  • Determines alarm conditions and sends alerts to the plant SCADA system
  • Communicates with the plant SCADA system
  • Transfers condition data to the Data Management Software


Measuring Ranges Available

  •   3 mm to 15 mm
  •   5 mm to 25 mm
  •   10 mm to 50 mm

Group Created with Sketch. Applications

The Data Management Software will allow the operator to perform, as a minimum, the following:

  • Display and print data
  • Set up and configuration according to the unit data
  • On-line continuous diagnostic monitoring of all measured signals
  • Set up database based on unit number
  • Machine data set-up
  • Provide data to a local area network
  • Communicate with plant SCADA system
  • Set and provide alarm and trip conditions
  • Set up and accept synchronized time signals
  • Identify malfunctioning sensors
  • Software supplies numerous diagnostic tools

Data Analysis Software

  • Rotor pole profile/rotor geometry
  • Stator and rotor shape with eccentricity
  • Dynamic analysis of rotor
  • Pole movement detection